Baptism on August 2020


Welcome to PCC ! 



※新型コロナウイルス感染拡大予防のため会堂内において3密(密集・密接・密閉)を避け、定員20 名までとして日曜礼拝を行っております。また、オンライン参加のためLive配信も行っております。事前申込みやLive配信情報ご希望の方は下記までE-Mailにてお気軽にご連絡下さい。

Praise Community Church is a church gathering people from different ages, from kids to adults.

Sunday Service is held every Sunday. (Reservation is required currently.) There is not only Japanese, but also people all over the world joining our church, which make PCC international. Being a dandelion church is what we are trying to achieve for. We hope to support and nourish you, as a flower to bloom in your own style, under the teaching of the Bible. Please feel free to join PCC. We are waiting for your coming.

※To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and facilitate the infection control procedures, we are implementing the 3 Cs which are Crowded places, Close-contact settings and Confined and enclosed spaces. Meanwhile we would like to control the number of people ⩽20 coming to church to join the in-person worship.  We are, at the same time, providing online LIVE streaming of Sunday Service. For those who would like to apply for seat reservation or are interested to know more about the LIVE streaming details , please contact us through the e-mail below:



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